A lot (but by no means all) of our gigs are private functions (weddings, birthday celebrations and so on).  We will happily appear anywhere that offers us enough money - well, any money come to that!

Our performances have ranged from fund raising ceilidhs to providing the incidental music for the Polesworth Mystery Plays in 2000; we can also frequently be seen practicing in the Turks Head pub in Donisthorpe, when music might actually get played between sinking pints of 'Guest' or Bass.

Our current fixture list is:

26th June 2010 Private Function
10th July 2010 Cleckheaton Festival
15th July 2010 Private Function
30th July 2010 Tamworth Folk Club
20th August 2010 Moira Furnace Folk Festival
9th October 2010 Charity fund raiser, Swannington Village Hall, Swannington, Leicestershire